Dog Boarding for Pet Owners in Bonita Springs, FL

When you’re on vacation, you can’t always bring your pup with you. At Bonita Boarding Kennel & Pet Camp, we understand that you need to feel comfortable with the people you leave in charge of your furry family member’s care. That’s why we offer reliable and comfortable dog boarding in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Our Pet Hotel

At Bonita Boarding Kennel & Pet Camp, we welcome pups of all breeds, ages, and sizes short-term and long-term dog boarding. We offer private, air-conditioned cabins for each dog that stays with us, varying in size from 4', 6', 8' and 10' long and 3'9"-5' wide (multiple dogs from the same family are welcome to room together in one of our larger cabins).

All Things Lodging, Food & Medication

While we offer cozy blankets, fresh water, and top-quality dog food, you are welcome to bring anything you would like from home to help make your pup feel more comfortable during their stay—from their own food and toys to blankets (just be sure to label everything with your dog’s name so we can identify it). Food should be placed in individual bags with your dog’s name for each feeding. If your dog is on any medication, please bring it in the original bottles with the correct directions.

Pet Camp for Your Canine

We offer multiple fenced, turfed outdoor areas in which your pup can run freely at least three times per day. You can choose from various activities such as:

  • Group play
  • Individual on-leash nature walks
  • One-on-one playtime
  • Pool time

Contact Us

To learn more about our dog boarding services in Bonita Springs or to schedule a stay for your pup, contact Bonita Boarding Kennel & Pet Camp today.