Please note that all rates are subject to change without notice.
All rates are based on pick-up and drop-off during regular business hours.

See below for details under "Office Hours - Check Out Times".


Daycare is available for dogs of all breeds and sizes and cats from 7:30AM-6PM.

  • Full Day Dog: $32
  • 1/2 Day Dog (up to 4 hours): $22
  • Full Day Cat: $20


Add $2/day for unaltered dogs that are over 6 months old.

  • Dog: (all breeds and sizes): $48/day
  • Cat: $30/day

Office Hours – Check Out Times  


Monday–Friday: 7:30am – 1:00pm & 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Boarding check out after 1:00pm results in an additional charge of $32 for dogs - $20 for cats

Saturday: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am - 12:00pm & 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Boarding check out after 12:00pm results in an additional charge of $32 for dogs - $20 for cats

After 7 days of boarding you get a complimentary bath upon pick up

We offer curbside assistance if needed

Add-On & Additional Services

Nature Walk (15 min): $8/walk

2 Nature Walks: $15/day

One-on-One Playtime (30 min): $15

Frosty Treat: $3

Medication: $2/dosage

Five-Star Reviews

Hear From Satisfied Pet Parents

"Our dog absolutely loves it at BBK. We take him weekly to play, and monthly for grooming. You could not ask for a better place for your dog to spend the day or a week of boarding."

Christine C.

Tampa, FL

"My dog loves it here! He can’t wait to go and is always tired from his play day!! We have used them to board our dog and he has an amazing time! Would highly recommend to anyone!"

Beth D.

Tampa, FL

"They really do treat your dog like family. My little one’s been going there since he was 10 weeks. He’s three years old now and I honestly couldn’t imagine going anywhere else."

Tiffany M.

Tampa, FL

"The new facility looks great and cheerful. The staff takes the time to bond with and understand the dogs personalities. They have ample play time and are well cared for. This place is dog heaven."

Randy G.

Tampa, FL

"I couldn't be more pleased with the care and service. The staff is great and the facilities are clean and inviting."

Lisa K.

Tampa, FL

"My border collie LOVES going there for day play to the point where he sulks if I don't take him for some reason. Very clean, air conditioned, outdoor astro turf, splash pool and good supervision."

Nigel W.

Tampa, FL

"It's comforting knowing we have a safe place to take the pups when we're gone."

Jill C.

Tampa, FL

"When we got to the facility, it was super clean and welcoming and the staff was super friendly and informative." 

Aubrey A.

Tampa, FL