A Trusted Dog Daycare Center Near Naples, FL

Whether you can’t get out of a trip to the office or need to be away from home for the day, there’s an easy way to make sure your dog’s needs are all met. At Bonita Boarding Kennel & Pet Camp, we offer safe and engaging dog daycare service for your furry friends. Located nearby in Bonita Springs, our facility welcomes dogs from Naples and across Southwest Florida to enjoy a day of fun, playtime, and socialization. Our experienced staff will take excellent care of your pets, ensuring they have a great time while you're away.

Why Choose Our Dog Daycare Center?

With 8,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor space dedicated to keeping your dog happy, active, and socialized, it’s easy to see why Naples residents love bringing their dogs to Bonita Boarding Kennel & Pet Camp. Other reasons why owners (and dogs, of course) love us include our:

  • Spacious facility – Our facility boasts eight outdoor play areas of varying sizes, ensuring that every dog has plenty of room to roam and play.
  • Indoor play area – We provide a large, fully air-conditioned indoor play area, perfect for those hot Florida days or inclement weather.
  • Pools – Several small pools are available for your dog's enjoyment, cleaned multiple times a day and refilled with fresh, clean water.
  • Agility course – For the more adventurous pups, we offer an outdoor agility course where your dog can take agility lessons and have a blast.
  • Supervised activities – Your dog will enjoy on-leash walks with our staff members and receive two hours of rest time each day to recharge. We have a well-balanced staff-to-pet ratio to ensure each dog gets the attention they need.
  • Curbside assistance – We understand that life can be hectic, which is why we offer convenient curbside assistance for pick-ups and drop-offs as needed.

Request a Reservation

Give your pup the engaging and enjoyable daycare experience they deserve. Contact Bonita Boarding Kennel & Pet Camp today to request a reservation and discover why we have been the trusted choice for dog daycare services among countless pet owners in the Naples, FL area since 2008.